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Do you have the desire to overcome your worries and anxious thoughts in exchange for a more peaceful and enriched life?

If so, this simple guided journal book by Jessica Zuch, MC, M.Mus., B.Mus., HKSCP will help you to stop thinking about it and FINALLY, FINALLY get you started doing something about it!

Beautifully illustrated and embedded with inspirational quotes, this journal workbook is a fun and an effective exploration into oneself - your thoughts, behaviours and feelings. This book is designed to help you become aware of yourself and then help you make effective, actionable and long-term changes to improve your life and free yourself from worry.

The results you can expect are:

  • Reduces worries about the future
  • Release some limiting beliefs about yourself
  • increase vital energy and decrease lethargy
  • do less, think less, but, achieve more!
  • discover yourself, beyond the worry loop!

Going through this journal process laid out in this book will open the doors to new possibilities for you - just imagine a life where you are not plagued by your worries!

Freedom from Anxiety: a 5 -Week Simple Journal Guide

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